The filing period for candidacy in the upcoming 2021 elections of the CMPOA Board of Directors and Alternate Directors will open at 12:00pm on Monday January 18, 2021 and will close at 12:00pm, Monday February 22, 2021.

Anyone wishing to run for a position on the CMPOA Board, either as a director or an alternate, should submit their name, the office they are seeking, and their biography to Mr. Bode at during the dates stated above.  As per 2018-2019, Board decision, bios should be limited to 1/3 page.

The opening of the filing period for candidacy of the upcoming election for the Cascade Mountain Water Company will follow the same time and dates as the CMPOA election.  There are two positions open for director for 2021.

Both Elections will be held simultaneously in the same manner.  The Committee plans to mail out the 2021 election ballots no later than March 1, 2021 to all members in good standing.  Good standing is defined by property owners who have paid all outstanding assessments on or before January 31, 2021 either in person to Mr. Bode at the CMPOA office or by mail, postmarked no later than January 31, 2021.  Received ballots will be placed, unopened, in the locked ballot box, until counting begins during the Annual Meeting on March 27, 2021.