2022 Cascade Mountain Property Owners Association and Cascade Mountain Water Company Nominations

The window for submitting nominations for open positions with the Cascade CMPOA and Cascade Water Company starts on noon Friday January 14th and ends at noon on Saturday February 12th.  Anyone wishing to run for filling any of these positions should submit their name, the position(s) they are seeking, and their biography (limited to 1/3 page) during this filing period to Mr. Bode via one of the following methods:

  • email at office@cascade-mountain.com
  • US Mail at CMPOA Election, PO Box 353, Fancy Gap, VA 24328
  • Hand deliver to Lewis Bode, Cascade Office Assistant during normal Cascade office hours (Tue/Wed/Fri 12:30-3:30PM)

Once a nomination is received, it will be promptly reviewed and a response will be provided back to the candidate to confirm their qualification for the nomination.

The following positions will be open for the 2022 elections (a candidate may apply for one or more if they wish to):

  • 4 CMPOA Board of Directors (2 year term)
  • 5 CMPOA Alternate Directors (1 year term)
  • 2 Cascade Water Company Directors (3 year term)

There will be an agenda item at the March 12th CMPOA Board Meeting for confirmed candidates to campaign and to answer any questions from the community.  Both CMPOA and Cascade Water Company elections will be held simultaneously at the Cascade Annual Meeting on March 26th.  We are looking forward to members of our community to step forward to volunteer to represent all of their neighbors and property owners as we move forward to a make Cascade a wonderful place to live!