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Combining Lots Feedback Deadline

February 28, 2021

In an effort to establish appropriate guidelines to address combining lots, the ARC would like to begin community discussions with the following.  This is merely a proposal that we hope will set specific guidelines for both the CMPOA and property owners concerning combining lots for dues purposes.  Please read and send any comments and suggestions to any member of the ARC before March 1, 2021.  Our emails are listed on the committee page of the Cascade website.  Thank you in advance for your help and input.

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In 2007, the CMPOA board last addressed the issue of combining lots.  At that meeting, a motion by Mike Owens, seconded by Howard Mayo, and approved unanimously by the Board stated:

“No lots will be combined for dues paying purposes. All lots which have been combined for septic tank installation prior to December 08, 2007 will stay combined for dues paying purposes if an approved septic system is installed and functional by March 31, 2008. If no septic system is installed by March 31, 2008 the lot owners will be billed for separate lots on April 01, 2008.”

Since that time, Carroll County has continued to combine lots in Cascade Mountain for the purposes of septic installation.  This has become increasingly necessary as many of the existing lots either fail to perk or are too small to contain both a house and septic system.  This action results in both lots being combined for Carroll County tax purposes.  In an attempt to increase interest in building, to be fair to both the property owner and the CMPOA concerning dues, and to provide definitive guidelines for the ARC, the Architectural Review Committee would like to introduce for discussion the following procedure to be included in our governing documents.

When Carroll County requires an adjoining lot be designated for septic system installation and designates the two lots as a buildable unit for County tax purposes, the POA will consider combining, for dues purposes, the primary building lot and the adjoining lot containing the septic.  A stipulation will be that the property owner must be actively following CMPOA ARC guidelines toward building a home.  The property owner will have 18 months from the time of application to combine to complete an ARC-approved build.  At the time when a certificate of occupancy is issued by Carroll County signifying that the building is complete and the septic system is installed and functional, the CMPOA will combine both lots.  The combination will take effect with the next annual assessment. No refund for past and/or current years dues will be made.


February 28, 2021
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