Your Finance and Long Range Planning committees have been working hard to formulate the 2023 Budget.   After input collected from all committees, they reviewed every line item and cut the deficit from -$48,346 to -$24,309 compared to the current 2022 budget.  It is now time to educate the CMPOA members of the community to show the importance and differences in the various types of reserve funds and our intent to minimize and overspending and stick to the plan of no more new projects or new amenity purchases.

All CMPOA members in good standing are invited to attend and provide their input at a 2023 Budget Forum meeting on Saturday September 17th starting at 9AM.   The meeting will be held at the Freeland Summit Haus and via Webex (see Calendar for login information). This will be an open forum for discussion after the presentation by the LRP and Finance Committees with emphasis on adherence to Roberts Rules of Order.

Please plan to participate and provide input to the 2023 budget.   Thanks!