The nominations for the 2022 CMPOA and Cascade Mountain Water Company election have been closed as of Feb 12 12 noon.  We had a fantastic “Meet the Candidates” forum on Feb 12 at 1PM where 11 of the 16 candidates introduced themselves and answered several property owner questions.   You may listen to the Webex recording with the link below to hear these candidates first hand, and read the “Meet the Candidates” document below as well.

Meet the Candidates

Here is the Webex link.   The recording is approximately  2 hours in duration but once you start the Webex recording, you can fast forward to the following start times to focus on the candidates for the positions you are interested in viewing as follows:

6:20  Cascade Mountain Water Company candidates

19:40 CMPOA Alternate Director candidates

57:30 CMPOA Director candidates

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