Lot 129C-3-45 $5000 or best offer

Lot 129C-3-45 (Southern View lot 45 on Southern View Trail) for sale by owner for $5000 or best offer Contact:...Read More→

$5000 or best offer

Flint Ridge Lot FR3-97

Flint Ridge Lot FR3-97. Allison Cliff Trail Best Offer. Contact Demarcle Lester. 1657 Twin Peaks Drive. Bedford, VA 24523

Best Offer

808 Cascade Trail

808 Cascade Trail – house on lot 2B-17A Best Offer. Contact Kate Horton.

Best Offer

Southern View Lot 30

Southern View Lot 30 $2000. Contact Dennis Hansen.


Flint Ridge Lot FR4-36

Flint Ridge Lot FR4-36 $2000. Contact Dennis Hansen.


Flint Ridge Lot FR3-G5

Flint Ridge Lot FR3-G5 $2000. Contact Dennis Hansen.


Flint Ridge Lot FR3-F1

Flint Ridge Lot FR3-F1. Corner of Flint Ridge and Cascade Trail $2000. Contact Dennis Hansen.


Lot 2B-C4

Lot 2B-C4. Between Rock Ledge and Laurel $2000. Contact Dennis Hansen.


Lot 2B-C-24

Lot 2B-C-24 Between Laurel and Spring Lure. Best Offer.  Contact James Hooker.

Best Offer

Cascade Trl Lots 30,31,32.  $10,000 or best offer Call Terri at 336-263-9945   Contact Kirby at Five Star Mountain Realty 276-694-9952...Read More→

$10,000 or best offer