has always been the CMPOA’s policy that property owners yield to large construction/delivery vehicles for a variety of reasons.  It is usually company policy that large trucks do not back up and yield right-of-way to smaller vehicles.  Our water lines run parallel to the roads and forcing large trucks to drive on the shoulder may cause extensive damage far greater than might occur from a car or personal truck.  Please yield to larger vehicles as you travel the roads!


From the Architectural Committee:

 Please know that properties undergoing construction and renovation are still private properties.  The only people who should be on the property are the owners, the construction crew, and the Architectural committee.  Thank you.


From the Security Committee: 

For the safety and courtesy of our Community please follow the mountain-wide speed limit of 25 mph. This applies at the start of Cascade Trail right off Hwy 608. Be alert for families and children walking to and from play areas. Since there are no schools in session, they could be around anytime.

And as a side note. Please obey the posted Playground Rules. They are in place for the safety of the children.