Welcome to beautiful Cascade Mountain!

Located in Fancy Gap, Virginia, our private gated community has over 600 resident and non-resident property owners.

Our mountain offers awe-inspiring views and is nestled on 500 acres just off the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The experience here is anything but typical. This community creates a peaceful atmosphere where residents can become carefree and revel in the natural surroundings.

White-tail deer, fox, wild turkeys, bobcats, black bear, and many bird species inhabit the area. Cascading waterfalls and streams wind throughout the community’s old growth forest.

Our members can relax by the pool or play tennis on our courts.

Within minutes of the property, members can enjoy golf, hiking, theater, dining and dancing or visit any of the nearby wineries. For your listening pleasure, The Blue Ridge Music Center  features live entertainment during the summer months.

The Cascade Mountain Property Owners Association (CMPOA) created this website to serve its members.





Hurricane Florence—Special Message


The Buildings/Roads and Grounds Committee is working with Josh.  Josh will have some equipment inside Cascade prior to the inclement weather that is expected from Hurricane Florence. We will make changes as the storm develops.

Josh stated Cascade will be one of his top priorities.

Thank you,

Bob Greene, Chairman


Hurricane Florence:

This is an “Unofficial Guideline” to share with our neighbors here in Cascade Mountain Resort who may have homes or family and friends who have or live in the affected areas of Hurricane Florence:

1. File with FEMA and get your FEMA number ASAP!  You will need it for everything.
2. File a claim with BOTH your homeowner’s and flood insurance.  Even though it’s a flood, homeowners will cover some wind damage and most of them will give you money for “loss of use” if you      can not live in your home.
3. File for DSNAP-Disaster Food Stamps. ANYONE in the affected areas can get them. Do not be proud, you can use the money you save on food to replace clothes and other essentials.
4. File for Disaster Unemployment.  If you can’t live in your home or go to work because your work is closed or flooded, this applies to you.
5. Get rental assistance. FEMA and SBA provide rental assistance to help pay for a place to live until you can get back into your house or find a new one.
6. If you want to buy a house, apply for an SBA loan. The interest rates in this situation are very favorable.   Although it is called the SBA, it is for homeowner, too.
7. The Salvation Army will sometimes give away money as well.  Just call them and apply.
8. Check local businesses for specials and discounts for people in the affected flood areas.  Businesses will offer everything from half price pizza to furniture and clothing specials.
9. Call all of your creditors and notify them that you are in the affected area and/or that your house flooded.  Most will delay your bill due dates for a month or two. This includes your mortgage             company, cable, electricity, water, credit card companies, phone etc.
10. Most importantly, allow people to help you!  They want to and you need the help!



October 13, 2018 @ 9:00am


For details click on the “FIREWISE COMMUNITY” tab in the “MEMBERS” drop down box.


A Reminder to all members:  The garbage dumpsters are intended to be used for regular household trash.  Please do not use the dumpsters to dispose of construction/building materials, old appliances, or any large items that take up much needed room inside the dumpsters.  Those items must be taken to the landfill in Hillsville or the county’s trash convenience site in Cana.  Also, please place all materials that can be recycled…cardboard, plastic bottles, cans, etc…in the recycling container instead of the dumpsters.  Your help with this matter will be greatly appreciated and will save the association money in the long run.


Please be aware of recent BEAR moving through Cascade Mtn.  Sightings have been in the afternoon hours during the past month.  Mama Bear with her young cubs at times and sometimes a single Bear.


If you are a member of the CMPOA and need assistance logging on to this website, contact Lewis Bode, Administrative Assistant.

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